RADDS + ReprapDiscount Full GLCD


I see it in the online config tool there is an option to use the RRD Full GLCD with RADDS, I have both LCD2004, GLCD 12864 and the RADDS LCD, but I like to use the GLCD instead, do I need to make any changes on the wiring with the latest firmware from online config tool?



  • You can use the SparkLCD and wire accordingly. Leave out sd card - don't think it works as it expects 5V and has level shifter to 3.3v while RADDS requires 3.3V directly. Use wiring from SparkLCD to pins or define your own pin mapping for the display. See ui.h which pin expects which function.
  • ah ok thanks, I read around when googling that others have got the sdcard working aswell
  • Maybe that is possible. I'm not so much into electronics. All I know is that it is level shifted to give 5V output and that is too much for the due. So if you have a way to make it return 3.3V on signal pins it would be possible, yes.
  • I have that setup running fine on 0.92.9 but not on 1.0.2, is there any guides for this? Thanks
  • Same display settings should work in 1.0.2. Uses same scheme only predefined configs are moved from ui.h to DisplayList.h but syntax etc is unchanged.
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