High consumtiom of mem.

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I post my first message, and unfortunately is a issue with the software.

I've seen how my computer goes slow, too slowly. And my surprise is, when i've closed my biggest collection of windows Chrome's. I will try to open Solidworks, and it's says me, i haven't got sufficient memory for work. I open the task manager and...


I don't know how a simple app, can eat the memory. The app was opened one day ago. (I can add a few of hours of more).

I have got a clean installation from windows. AV activated and Manual firewall with passive mode with Repetier. It's after a print from approximately 14 hours.

Edit: My computer is a Xenon 3.4 with 8gb DDR2. 240gb SSD and 2TB SSHD


  • Host has a nice gcode preview also during printing. And each move consist of 8 triangles or more depending on preview quality set. In 14 hours you can print a lot of moves and this easily sums up to some GB and slows down. You can reduce this by disabling filament preview or using our Repetier-Server instead, which never increases memory usage during print as we do not store these data for visualization.
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