Printfilling issues


I'm using Repetier with a Davinci 2.0 duo. When i print the walls are always ok but between, as u can see, it is crap. The 3d model isn't hollow and i really dont know why the filling between the walls (not infill) isn't uniformly. A problem with Z or speed could not be, cause the walls are nearly perfect. image


  • "filling between the walls (not infill) isn't uniformly" ??????? 
    Between walls is the infill, so this makes no sense.

    Check first preview if it is correct. Then slicer has done it's job correct.

    I see that infill is not touching walls, so your overlap might be too low so it does not stick there and is dragged back causing this pattern.
  • Just wanted to say that it isn't hollow.

    The first preview? U mean when i sliced the 3D model? That seems to be ok....
    After sliceing

    Bevor sliceing

    As u can see, the infill on the left ist ok, and there it is touching the walls. Got the same problem with other prints.
  • Do you have calibrated your extruder? If your picture is from the final result where the top level is supposed to be close it is a sign of under extrusion. So you need to extruder much more. In host you can simply increase flow for testing. But better is a good calibration and then set correct filament multiplier for your filament type (PLA e.g. around 0.85).
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