Eaglemoss v3 printer firmware

Hi, pleased to have the opportunity to post something and say hello. I own one of the eaglemoss v3 3d printers and after learning about firmware would like to change it from sprinter to repetier, it uses a melzi type arduino mainboard with various daughter boards to connect the extruder and what looks set like a hood switch.

The current firmware is a mess and it basically craps out all the time and doesn’t support an lcd screen or use the mini sd port even though it has the port and sd card reader built in just like a melzi.

The v3 has a design very very similar to an “up 2” with a z limit switch at the bottom of the bed but the bed lifts to meet the hotend, something which is configured in the current v3 software and the firmware remembers the starting height. The x and you axis have normal end stops that define the homing points.

I have messed about with repetier and marlin on a more straight forward i3 design where the end stops define both the homing and state print points but am unsure of the settings to tell the v3 where the printing height starts from as the bed lowers to the very bottom of the machine when homed.

I hope what I have said makes some sort of sense and doesn’t read as complete gibberish.


  • You have a z max endstop then. So all you have to do is calibrate z length to match correct height.
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