TMC2100 drivers with Due/RADDS Dual X Carriage

Is there a problem with Repetier firmware and TMC2100 drivers?
Some moves when printing the firmware just causes the stepper to sit in the same location and buzz, then the next moves are normal. Is this common problem or just me.


  • buzz = loosing steps so it is more hardware problem like wrong current, high friction or jerk/acceleration/speed too high.
  • Thank you very much for your quick reply, I thought it might be compatibility issue as DRV8825 do not have this problem, but the TMC2100 may not be as powerfull, I will reduce jerk/accel/speed.
    Regards - Bruce
  • Or the voltages map to other currents - read stepper driver docs to see how to set them correctly.
  • As Repetier says. You might need to adjust the current limiting on the TMC2100 as it is not the same as DRV8825. I went from A4988 to TMC2100 and needed to adjust.

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