Issue Since Updating Today 10/18/2016

So I have a custom V-slot 3d printer. It runs Repetier Host. Has been running it for almost three years.

Now It forced me to update since it wasn't allowing me to fully 3d Print anymore. Meaning it would show a print that I've been doing repeatedly for almost 2 years. Then when in Preview it would only show half the object was to be printed and the times were all incorrect as well and yes for those of you wondering it did only print half the object for no reason whatsoever.

So i Updated and this is my issue.

My settings which have never changed much due to good calibration are all screwed up now. It transferred all the correct values and all my old settings in the update, but when it actually comes time to print the object it has one hell of a X&Y Jerk. I mean small fast jerks. Kinda like its having fast seizures.

My jerk is set to 10MM as it always has been but the thing is that its now jerking at less then 5mm. I mean it wont even put down a straight rectilinear infill. It does the shell nice and smooth, but the infill is all jerky and annoying. Meaning that its not infilling at the correct percentages either. I know because i set a print to 100% to test this. It is not 100% like it used to be under the older version of Repetier-Host.

I am at a loss. My values are correct, my V6 extruder is not jammed and cleaned regularly. My Ramps 1.4 board has not been changed in anyway.

All i did was update to the newest version of Repetier Host and everything has gone to complete hell. Mind you I do this for work and am now going to be very behind on orders. Does anyone have any idea what is causing this?


  • The host never changes firmware on it's own, so that must be working as always. It also does not change slicer settings since it comes without them. I also don't think it is sending data - if that doe snot work you would have seen it in log and mentioned it.

    What however has changed is the bundled slic3r version. And at some point they have made chages especially to support if I remember that changed the result. They also changed infill parameter from 0.5 to 50 for 50%. So make sure in slicer manager you select the right slic3r version if you modify infill in host or it will use the old command line options with are factor 100 off.
  • It took me a while to figure it out but yes your correct that the Slicer did change settings on its own.

    There is a new feature in slicer now called Vibration Limit, which was never there before. It also had it set to 3. I have never seen this setting before nor have i ever had a limit to any vibration. I mean that' what having jerk settings are for.

    Setting this blasted Vibration setting to 0 cured my problems. Of course now i have to go into every single Printer Setting profile I made and change them all under the General Tab and re save alot of my custom G code.

    Yet your correct, it was not Repetier Host, but Slic3r. I did not even think of looking at the fact that it updated as well. I do thank you for your assistance in the matter. It took me a while to hunt through settings none the less, but the fact you mentioned the Slic3r Manager saved me alot of trouble.

    I am back to printing at 100% and my work looks good again.

    Thank you very much.
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