just created a few models that I wanted to print and when trying to load an object I get the following

System.IO.EndOFStreamException: End of stream with 43 bytes left to read at RepeterHostExtender.geom.TopoModel.ReadArray(Streamstream, Byte[] data) at RepetierHostExtender.geom.TopoModel.importSTL(String filename, Double scale)

RepetierHost up to date.
Models created sketchup 2014
able to load other models which were also created in sketchup 2014 (just not the new ones :(

restarted printer (Davinci 2.0)
restarted RepetierHost

same error :(

any help would be great! :)



  • From the description I guess it is a binary stl file where the number of point/faces is stored at beginning and then not enough data followed. So I'd guess the stl is simple defect/incomplete.
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