changed hot end and now both thermistors read def after 1 second

I am running Repetier 0.91 on my EI3 HE3D.  After changing my hot end, using the same thermistor; now when I power up the temperatures for both the hot end and base show at room temperature then about a second later show DEF and stay this way.

Did something in firmware reset? or did my board go crazy?

any suggestions on what to do?

Thanks John


  • Did you create a short while adding the new thermistor? Shorts are main reason for seeing def message. Would not really explain why also bed shows it and why they start with correct values. So might also be an other problem.

    You can use M105 X0 to also see raw values (at least in 0.92 and dev version). Read analog values are in range 0-4095 and correct sensors show values with a good distance from extremes.
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