"INPUT_PULLUP" was not declared in this scope

Hello everyone. I'm new to these tasks. I'm trying to install Repetier Firmeare in my Sanguinololu 1_3a by Arduino1.05. I have set the correct board and get the following error.

Commands.cpp: In static member function 'static void Commands::processMCode(GCode*)':
Commands.cpp:1615: error: 'INPUT_PULLUP' was not declared in this scope
Commands.cpp:1952: error: 'INPUT_PULLUP' was not declared in this scope

anyone can help me with this?


  • INPUT_PULLUP is a constant normally defined by arduino, see https://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/Constants

    With Sanguino there might be different sources as sanguino has it's own set of arduino files, so maybe it is missing there or 1.05 does not support this constant, also I'm quite sure we used it all the time.
  • Thank you very much for your fast response. How I could fix it? or you think I should change the board

  • Knowing that firmware with all features is easy > 128 and would not fit on sanguino I'd change the board. Sanguino with all it's extra dependencies that are not developed any more is just a pain at the end. Nevertheless I know others could compile as long as it fits, so maybe upgrading to a more recent sanguino/arduino version might also help. I know someone has a github repository fot it that works with 1.6.x arduino versions, just don't know the url.
  • Thanks for your advice. It's time to change the hardware.
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