3mf file format not supported


I was frequently using 3D Tools from Microsoft for repairing non manifold file (https://netfabb.azurewebsites.net/). I was importing STL file and got back a fixed STL.

But, Microsoft has recently changed output 3D file format. The repair service is sending back 3mf file format. This format is not supported by Repetier Host. Do you know how to convert it in STL ?



  • No we don't. 3mf is much more complex and a microsoft invention. Did not know they changed the return format. Maybe it is time to learn if there is a simple way to read it.
  • Microsoft web site does not seem to work correctly. I found a way for importing 3MF repaired file. I load 3mf file in Microsoft 3D Builder application (available for Windows 10) and I save it as STL file. Saving it as OBJ file does not work. 3D Builder includes a repair tool but it does not seem to repair files correctly.
  • Just for your information I successfully repaired and converted a couple of files in 3D builder today, but annoying to have to start a Windows 10 computer for doing so. The converted and saved stl files printed perfectly from Repetier.
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