Second extruder not moving

We have two (electical) identical printers using Ardiuno Due and modified RAMPS 1.4.
Firmware ist Repetier 0.92.9.
Setup is fine and is working but second extruder does not move, on both machines. All working I mean X/Y/Z is moving correctly, heat bed working, thermistors for all hotends plus bed are OK. Also first extruder is working fine.

I allready switched cables for extruders -> second motor running, first not. I also switch motor drivers -> second motor not working, first working. So I think hardware is OK.
I also did a M502, M500 but nothing changed. I noticed that for second extruder it's not even enabled. I can manually move it by hand.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • OK, I found ... a bug in the firmware. ;)

    In pins.h and motherboard type "401" (Arduino Due) ORIG_E1_ENABLE_PIN is defined as "40".
    This is wrong and schould be "30".

    I changed and second extruder is working as expected. :D

    Thanks for reading.

    PS: should I file a bug somewere? 
  • RAMPS is not officially supported as it is normally incompatible. So I wonder it is the only pin which was wrong. I know the original due author used it for his hacked board but is no official board.

    Did you change anything pin related? If not I will change the pin so all similar hacks should work.
  • Yes I know it's not officially supported. But it works great here cause the RAMPS is OK (for little money) for my HW and the due can handle the speed I need (CoreXY, dual extruder, Display, ...). :D

    I downloaded the complete Package from the configuration page this weekend and this was the only pin I changed.

    Thank you in advance.
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