Updated firmware and lcd reprap discount controller

Hi. I updated my repetier firmware, like a couple of months ago. No problem at all but today I noticed something: I hve a lcd rerap discount controller. With the update (from 0.91 to 0.92) the lcd option, some of them, have changed, there are new ones, etc. One of them, the fan speed controll, it has now an option "ignore m106 commands". For some reason it seems to not be working. I understand that marking that opcion in the LCD should override any M106 command comeing from the gcode, so for example if I set the fan speed to 25% and set that option, the fan will be at 25% all the printing despite of what the gcode says. Is like lthat? because it is not working, I set it to any value, I have chosen that option of ignore M106 commands , the fan starts at the desired % but I can see that in some moment the fan stops reacting to a gcode order. In the latest print, I was suposed to have the fan off all the print, after starting I realiced that I needed some cooling, so I chosed in the LCD to have 30% of fan power, I also selected the "ignore M106 command" option. The fan started but after 2 layers the fan turned off. I repeated the steps a couple of times with same results.

What is happening? this option is not working properly in 0.92?

Thanks in advance


  • Just checked it in dev and it worked too exact. It only blocked M106 but did leave M107 through, which makes no sense. Have updated dev version to also ignore M107.
  • That DEV version is posible to be used or we wait till new release?
  • It is useable. Just want to add some more functions until I release it as 1.0.
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