Out of filament Sensor

I know there's a filament tracking system available to buy/build and the settings for it in the fw.  However, for now, I just want to pause a print when I'm out of filament.

I'm thinking of the filament passing through an opto-endstop or a microswitch and either going low when there is no filament passing through.  This change from high to low would then pause the print.  I'm thinking the signal pin could be connected to the z max endstop which is not being used.

Does repetier fw have an option to set something like this?

Thank you!


  • Yes use dev version and jam detection. 2 modes are just for this case. Only first mode requires a move sensor, the others are simple switches.
  • Ok so set the filament switch option only for pause when filament runs out like mentioned above works really well first time you run out of filament but the second time the temp increases a few degrees then reads dec / 0 degrees not sure what's going on if anyone can help that would be great
  • dec means decoupled test triggered. So my guess is you were faster then first time and temp. managed to reach defined limits for decoupling. See your log for the exact reason and values at trigger time. This is not directly related to the sensor but more a narrow decoupling test that triggers. So optimizing/relaxing decoupling would help here.
  • I have a Da Vinci 1.0a, with Repetier FW.

    I'm modifying my Da Vinci  1.0a filament sensor. I changed my direct extruder to a Bowden extruder. I'm adding a micro switch to the Da Vinci sensor port, integrated in the extruder housing.
    1. Is the port active high or active low? 
    2. Can I trigger it directly with to 0 V (active low) or 3,3 V (active high), or should this be via a resistor?
    3. How can I test if it is working, without actually printing?
  • 1. Put a multimeter to ground and the sensor line and read the voltage. If it's close to 0 it's low. Anything over 3v and it's high
    2. In the FW config you choose whether to trigger on high or low.
    3. I believe you can put the printer into dry run mode which will run the printer without any extrusion commands. Then pull the filament out of the sensor and see the response.
  • Thanks Shaiss

    I'll try this...
  • Shaiss

    I am not able to identify the flag in the FW for inverting the out of filament switch.
    I'm replacing my micro switch with an optical sensor. Now it Repetier FW shows out of filament when the filament is in and vise versa.

    I searched through the Arduino code (all files) and could not find a declaration that made sense to me. Can you help me identify where I need to make the change to invert the "out of filament" sensing direction?


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