Printer reset


I've downloaded the firmware dev. from the configuration tool, i've uploaded on the printer but when i try to move the axes the printer autoreset.
I've only add the micro on the door.
Anyone have some ideas??

Luca B. 


  • Tested just with latest dev and did not get reset.

    Can you say which move causes reset? Does it start move at all or reset into move? Such things are hard to trace to source.
  • The motors try to move but after less than a second the printer reset. I think not are the endstop because are normally open. I've also left the flag on watchdog. Only the first time, after uploaded the firmware, the axe went to home.
  • What frequency do you have during homing? If your z homing is too fast you can spend all time in interrupt never triggering the watchdog ping which might then call reset. So make sure to keep < 20000hz = steps per mm * speed for testing. Upto 40000 should work on cartesian but for testing we better be safe.
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