Problem with Z Axis ( only 1 of the 2 to stepper motor turning)

Hello everyone, i'm a newbie a 3d printing. I just finish putting together the machine 2 weeks ago.
I have a wilson ts reprap. look pretty much like this one but extruder is direct drive and not a gear.
**The problem is that once i uploaded the latest firmware everything works fine besides THE Z AXIS.

THERE ONLY ONE OF THE TWO STEPPER MOTOR TURNING. And tested and the other motor is not dead.

***I was wondering HOW DO WE SYNC THE 2 Z STEPPER MOTORS.***

If anyone as a clue or ideas of what i could change in firmware, would be cool.

Thanks to the 3d community and most of all at the developpers of Of  REPETIER.

Im using a arduino mega 2560 with a RAMPS

P.S : Sorry english is not my mother tongue


  • There are 2 solutions. Some copnnect both motors to the same driver, so there is nothing special to do. That is why RAMPS has 2 motor connectors soldered for z axis. The other solution is 2 drivers. In that case, you have to enable mirror z axis and select the stepper driver for the mirrored z axis.

    Also make sure acceeration and speed are not too high and both motors can turn easily. If not alligned motors might block due to friction.
  • Thanks
                 i"ll try that.
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