H-gantry Y stepper seems dead

Hi, folks.

I am using a RAMPS 1.4 and FW v0.92.9, w/ 1 extruder and a very basic setup including a FullGraphic Smart Controller.

After testing a h-gantry setup on my bench I just realized that the Y stepper control does not respond at all (stuck on 0.00mm).

The X stepper runs good, but the Y stepper never moves, and display is freezed at 0.00mm. I already checked the drivers and motors 5 times (cross-testing).

 Any clues?


  • So cross checking shows motor and driver work i guess.

    Then the RAMPS or Arduino could have a problem. Bad soldering, broken lines. Or you have configured to output Y on a different driver socket (whcih you could also e.g. E1 for Y) just to get started.
  • Dear Repetier =]

    Thank you for your help. I did some testings here even with a cartesian FW.
    All outputs set to default using config tool 0.92.

    The weird thing about my setup it that in the Position Fast menu (for X, Y and Z axis), I can see the position count changing on the LCD. The mm count on Y axis is stuck on 0.0mm. No matter if I load a cartesian or h-gantry FW (both v 0.92.9) the Y position is freezed!

    Fiddling with the Repetier Host, I can check the logs and see the X position changing when turning the encoder knob. Unfortunatelly the Y axis value is always 0.00 on the log when controlling the Y position.

    Another strange aspect is that if I go to Y Position (not the Pos Fast), the numbers are 0.00mm again but I get some noise from the stepper and some jerky short moves. Really odd.

    Is there any older version I could try to help trace this issue?

    Best regards,

  • Reading this it seems firmware does not try to move y, So check eeprom what your y length is set to. 0/NaN would prevent any y move. Also check M119 for endstops if Y endstops are triggered all the time.
  • Bullseye!!!

    EEPROM setting for Y Axis Steps/mm was ZERO!. How come updating the FW did not reset this setting?

    Anyhow, everything is fine with the cartesian FW. Now let us test the H-Gantry version, which should work fine aswell.

    Most best regards,

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