Setup auto bed levelling 3D Touch and Rumba Board.

I am trying too configure the Repetier firmware 0.92.8 using a Geeetech 3d Touch sensor on a Rumba board.The 3D Touch sensor is connected with 1 plug on the EXP3 connector pin2: +5 Volt, pin4: GND, pin6: PWM2 and other plug on the Endstop connector pin1: Zmax, pin2: GND.

Does any one know how to configure the Repetier Firmware and the G codes to operate the sensor?



  • Did you sort this out? I'm going to start on this this week on my reprap. So curious if sins if the figuring out has already been done.
  • Hi 
    I followed the manual  --> . The problem is - I think - that this manual is not correct for a Rumba board but more for Ultimakers. I have a feeling that the suggested changes in the pins.h is not correct for Rumba boards.
    Does anyone have suggestions?
    Thanks in advance
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