Add Choice in LCD Menu


I have two possibility :
- I use a triple head with mixing extruder (diamond hotend)
- I use three separate heads (two colors and one for support with PVA AquaSolve)

I would like to add this choice in the Extruder LCD menu :

Mixing Extruder (MIXING_EXTRUDER) on / off

Is't possible to change without flashing firmware and how to do?

Thanks for your help.


  • No, you can not switch in firmware. That flag is resolved at compile time to optimize speed. You could make it a variable and replace all MIXING_EXTRUDER tests with that and reprogram menu to change that variable. Maybe some other things also need tweaking as eeprom has a special extension for mixing case.
  • Ok, I suspected that a little.
    I'm not sure my knowledge allows me to change that way.

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