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Hi i have a problem with ramps 1.4 and bluetooth. I connected my hc 06 bt to D1 and D0 pins in AUX1. I tried also 115200 and 38400 baudrates. When i connect with my printer via bt in repetier host my pc is pairing with bt device and repetier host show that it is connected but i don't have any data. In host i can only read "no start signal detected - forcing start". I tried switching RX and TX cables but it doesn't working too. In repetier firmware config tool in bt serial port i choose serial 1. Is it correct ? Do you have any ideas why this bt doesn't working ? 


  • BT module setting ???
  • Baudrate in the bt the same like in the ramps. First 115200 then 38400. Still not working.  
  • Have you coupled BT module with PC and configured it to use a baudrate? Our github sources contain a tool to echo commands from serial to bt module to configure it using the BT AT commands. Read BT docs on which commands are required.

    Firmware has it's own serial speed for second serial port like BT that need to match internal baud rate of it.
  • Yes i coupled BT with PC and set correct baudrate. I'm 99% sure that wirings and settings are ok. If i connect to D0 and D1 pins in ramps what bluetooth serial port should i choose to have a signal in this pins ? 
    -No bt connected
    -Serial 1
    -Serial 2
    -Serial 3
    -Due Programming Port
    -Due Native Port

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    From original configuration.h

    On RAMPS we must remap Y_ENDSTOPS pins or Z_ENDSTOPZ pins or LCD_ENABLE and LCD_RS pins to another pins, and connect BT to:
      a) signals of Y_MIN, Y_MAX, then set BLUETOOTH_SERIAL to 3 (RX from BT to Y_MIN, TX from BT to Y_MAX)
      b) signals of Z_MIN, Z_MAX, then set BLUETOOTH_SERIAL to 1 (RX from BT to Z_MIN, TX from BT to Z_MAX)
      c) pin 17 and 18 of AUX4 connector, then set BLUETOOTH_SERIAL to 2 (RX from BT to AUX4 p18, TX from BT to AUX4 p17)
      Comment out or set the BLUETOOTH_SERIAL to 0 or -1 to disable this feature.

  • Yes, and it is the answer i was looking for. It is also option d.
    d) pins D0 and D1 and main baudrate the same like yours bt device. In this case you could set the BLUETOOTH_SERIAL to 0 or -1. It doesn't matter. 
    I have this configuration and it works. 
    Thank you very much !
  • If you have the original pins don't activate BT at all. It is then the normal port anyway so double checking it can only make problems. So -1 is the solution then.
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