want to use old electronics


I have a set of old boards i want to use, from what i know they are a sanguino hack where some of the pins/functions have switched place and support for an extra set of steppers was added so it could run a max of 3 extruders... along with that also 2 extra heaters could be used... 

i do have a set of arduino IDE board definition files for it (ide 0022) how should/would i use this board in the config tool before i download the firmware?

can a 644P based board be used at all?


  • You might need to make your own pins.h section with that board so it matches your pins.

    644 might work if you disable most of the options. Especialle the ui with display takes some memory. And eeprom also uses a good part if it is not enough. All features need around 125kb,
  • i'm a dumb ass at coding.... what files from a set of board files for ide0022 would i need cut from to make this?

    is it the pins_arduino.h and pins_arduino.c that are the important ones?
  • btw... this is the board: http://solderpad.com/folknology/open-motion-controller/
    and the stepper drivers that goes with it: http://solderpad.com/folknology/dual-stepper-motor-module/

    sadly there are a great user group  ( tvrrug.org.uk ) that uses this one... but no one knowledgeable enough have taken the steps to get anything updated since the board was made..

    so i'm just bold enough to try
  • Nothing that complicated. Firmware has a file pins.h where all boards are defined. Just take the snaguino section and put your pin numbers into it. Just remember that sanguino has a mapping of real pins -> pin numbers that you need to match. SHould be easy to find such a map with google.
  • if i find the right file can it be made a option the web config tool ?
  • Does this file content look right?

  • The file you showed shows the pin mapping. In firmware you use the D and AI values. The file itself is not part of config tool. But if you download it completely the pins.h I mean is part of it.
  • I m using a K8200 board to start up a delta clay printer. The pin assignments in the pins.h file ( board 77) don t match
    with the schematic layout of this board. The motors are running when given a home signal but the end-stops are not working.
    Can anyone help me with this issue ?
  • Some useful information here! I have an old set of electronics I am going to try and get up and running made by the now defunct TechZone some years back. They used the exact same chip and it was also written for Arduino 0022. They did some funky stuff (remote hotend control board using a cat5 jack for use with a thermocouple) on that board so not all of it will be usable but I will make it work! There is other information out there on making it usable with Sprinter but have found nothing here on Repetier.
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