Cooler Fun on Melzi (wanhao i3) switched earlier than specified in the gcode

edited September 2016 in Extruder & Bed
I want to use cooler fun line to control switching second extruder (melzi can do it only one). But cooler switched at ~16 gcode command before.

For example this gcode MUST turns off cooler, then move extruder around center, then turns on cooler, repeat circle and move X to home. But i see, the cooler switched before the end of the movement, around G1 X119.017 Y145.915

i have repetier host firmware 0.91v

p.s. can i configure firmware for custom command to cooler's line, if i can't change the current behavior of the cooler?


  • You need to upgrade firmware to at least 0.92.9 to have exact fan control. 0.91 activates it when command is received and not when the previous lines have finished.
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