Babystepping always going down!

I just installed an LCD graphic controler (REPRAP_DISCOUNT_FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER compatible).
Everything works well, excepted the babystepping.
When I turn the encoder in one or the other direction, the printer is always going down.
I adjusted the multiplier (x4 for me) and it's fine, but I have always the same issue with the direction.
Note : I do this test with the printer in stdby (not printing) and during the first layer printing : same result...
For X, Y and Z position moves, it works well with the panel too.
Only babystepping shows this strange behavior.

Any idea?
Best regards,


  • Just tested with dev version and it turned both ways.

    What does the display say? Does the value there go up and down?
    What printer type do you use? Delta or cartesian since these are 2 different implementations.

  • Thanks for the answer.
    The display is OK : increasing or decreasing depending on the direction I turn the button.
    Moreover, when I move manually with the display, all axis are moving correctly in both directions.
    But for the babby step, the motor are always moving in the same direction.
    I use a cartesian printer.
    Thanks again!
  • Were you using latest dev version or a older version? In case of such errors I always advice to upgrade first. Since I tested it on dev for cartesian to work this might be the solution.
  • Hi, I am using the 92.9 version.
    I believe that it's the latest version...
  • No 1.0.0dev is the latest version. 0.92.9 is the latest officially stable one. In config tool you can switch to dev or on github select the dev branch.
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