cant make the extruder or bed to heat


I am new to 3d printing. I finished putting together my prusa I3. I connected it through repetier-server and then set it thru repetier-host. Every motor works well, end stops too, and move correctly and calibrated. They home perfectly. 

So now i stopped because the heated and bed wont heat. Any ideas on what to look for or fix?


  • Either your bed pin is not set to connector where bed is connected, a cable break, or no extra power to bed. Some boards have separate power input for bed output so you would need to add power there as well. Also if bed takes too much current a fuse for bed might trigger/burn.
  • The extruder doesnt work either. But the fan does and the fan is conected right besides the other two. So i guess there must be energy in there.  
  • I get this readings, so I guess for some reason the extruder sensor is not working:
    21:27:08.869 : Printed filament:0.00m Printing time:0 days 0 hours 0 min
    21:27:08.870 : X:0.00 Y:0.00 Z:0.00 E:0.00
    21:27:10.008 : extruder 0: temp sensor defect
    21:27:10.008 : heated bed: working
    21:27:10.009 : Error:Printer set into dry run mode until restart!

    I also doubled checked the wiring from the power source and if the extruder and bed were getting energy. But there is no energy output on the D8 and D10 ports that are the responsible for extruder and bed. 


  • The log files says everything. The thermistor on extruder 0 is missing/defect/wrong pin connected. If that is detected all heaters are durned off (dry run mode) so heaters will not heat uncontrolled. SO fix the thermistor issue and make sure dry run is disabled in case host stores the mode.
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