homing and size doesnt work


I am new to 3d printing and i got a prusa I3 reprap with repetier firmware. All motors work well and in both directions. Endstops work as well when clicked. I have set them to left, behind and down according to the manual and are in position to get my min hardstop working. 

My problem here is homing and the size of the bed according to the size displayed on the lcd. When trying to home x or y it will only go this far and wont hit the endstop, it takes several times to get it all the way to the endstop, and when clicked it stops. But then if I try to move it with the "x position" in the position menu it will only move left as if left was positive and right negative, if I try to inverse it or change the direction of the plug it will not home and only try to go right. 

The other issue is that the bed is 13mm according to the value displayed if moved all the way from one end to the other. i cannot make it to read the complete 210mm of the bed even if the steps per mm or the size of the bed is moved. 

Im not that familiar with arduino but i am fairly familiar with coding, so I think I can get myself around it with a bit of help for what variables i should be looking for. 


  • Test M119 is should show all min endstops, if not it is configured wrong.

    Test normal moves. Positive directions must move right, bed to fron and up. Homing directions must be -1 for min endstops. Any other combination is wrong fixing direction handling causing several problems like moves blocked as a endstop is triggered..
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