How to add: Time on LCD and current Layer XX of YY , to the display?

Hello, is there a possibility to add a counter to the display, that starts after heating up is finished and counts the time from then? (Best would be next to the "Buffer:16" counter as there is space on the screen there)
Also i would like to add (if possible) instead of printing %, the current layer its currently printing like Layer 20/50?

That would be great, unfortunately i´m not that skilled in arduino programming. But if you got any suggestions, these would be highly apprechiated :)
I use the repetier firmware 1.0 on a Kossel mini delta and it runs like silk :) 



  • This requires mor eknowledge then firmware has. If you use Repetier-Server it can rotate between Layer/ETA/ETE in status bar. Here the server has analysed the gcode in before so he can send the informations to printer status display.
  • Thanks, i use repetier server now, works great :)
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