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I've just finished setup and calibration of my first 3D printer (based on repetier) and I'm really sure that it would be good idea to add such functionality to the system :) During work with repetier host we can do it by software, but during printing from SD card, without repetier-host there is no way, we can only do reset.
Hardware button "STOP" at the front of printer would be useful, but such idea is more wide, the same IO port could be used to pause printing after end of filament or after detection of entanglement on the spool (my english is not perfect, hope it is clear what I mean, it would be not so complicated to detect too much tension of filament and in that case pause printing and generate alarm sound for user).

Many thanks for any idea how to do it.


  • We have a jam detection system which you can also use to pause on out of filament.

    sd print can be paused in sd card menu. You can also select change filament any time or put that on a extra button. That would pause regardless of sd card/host printing.
  • Ok, good to know, thanks. I was sure that it is fresh idea, now I see that it was implemented already :)
    Could you give me a link, where implementation if this feature is described? 

    Regarding pause - yes, I know, that I can do it by menu. But I meant rather hardware button, which would be much faster and easier to use in case of "emergency" situation. I don't know what action is implemented after activation of "jam" pin, but if pauses printing, it could be used also for it.
  • Ech, I found by google something regarding jam detection and it is not just "stop" signal after hardware detect of too much tension of filament, but impulses connected to "flow" of filament (compared with extruder steps). It is very good idea, but not to use for making "STOP" button. 
    Maybe I can use other existing feature for it?
  • We have not much doc. about jam detection, mostly what you see in confuguration.h on github or online config tool.

    There are 2 modes - one counting steps that can slowdown and one that simple pauses for filament change.

    Regarding menu and button - each menu is a action and you can put every action to any button you want.
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