Multiple Extruder Steppers pushing 1 filament?

Hi, I converted a DaVinci 1.1 plus to use an arduino and a ramps and I'm new to all this. I have everything working but initially set it up to use 1 stepper at the extruder end. The DaVinci is set up to use two steppers with 1 filament, I assume b/c it eliminates the filament jam issues. I have tried a low quality filament and it just ate it all up, perhaps the nozzle is a different diameter than what is needed. Either way, being new to the game I was going to set it up as close to OEM as possible before I started customizing and getting things better. My reason for writing tonight is to ask if it is possible to mimic E0 with E1? I assumed the mirror function was just that but for some reason I can't even set the E1 port to talk to the 2nd stepper. Using the harness I can drive the motor with the E1 port and I even swapped the driver boards to check that. So I think i screwed up something in the firmware.

Anyhow, to get to the point... 
- Is it possible to drive two steppers for the extrusion at the same time / same speeds, etc?
- - How?
- Would I need to change anything in Repetier Host? or just firmware?
- Is this design crap and I should just bite the bullet and try to get a bowden setup going to begin with?

Any help and recommendations are appreciated.


  • The simple solution would be a hardware solution where both steppers use the same driver. One of the motors has connector swapped 180° to rotate in opposite direction (I guess that is needed from the design). This reduces power per motor but might be ok. Many printers do this with z axis.

    A mirror function does not exist. If you have a single extruder you can misuse the mixing extruder. Mixing extruder is to share one heater/thermristor with several motors. If you set mixing ratio to 50/50 both motors will have same speed. Just do not change mixing ratio even though you could.
  • Thanks I'll give it a whirl!
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