Z Homing Question

I have rebuilt a 1st gen cube 3d printer to use more conventional hardware and have 1 thing left that is a bit of a annoyance but not sure how to go about fixing this.

I am guessing the behavior for homing a axis is move X steps then start going back till you hit a end stop.

My problem is moving X steps does not get the axis past the end stop. It takes me homing it three times before it finds a proper home.

Is there a way to adjust the Z axis steps taken before it steps back or some other suggestion someone can make that will fix this?


  • Z move is 2 * zLength so it always fits if steps per mm and zLength is set correctly. Check eeprom values in host/server using eeprom editor what it is set to.

    Also check M119 - if z probe is triggered at start or gets triggered by crosstalk the move will end early.
  • Everything is set correctly. I've measured the movement using calipers and am pretty damn close for any value I give and zLength appears to be right because telling the printer to move to Z 0 brings the build platform to just the right height.

    What I believe is happening is that a check to see if the end stop has been hit occurs while its moving away from the endstop. Since the endstop was never disengaged, it things it has hit the endstop... Does that make sence?

    Could you point me to where in the source code it does the homing of the axis. I'm fairly comfortable with code and might be able to understand better what is happening when i read the code.

  • Also I don't have Z Probing setup or compiled into the firmware YET =) 
  • Printer.cpp contains homing code. z would be homeZAxis but watch out to get the cartesian version and not delta version.

    Only endstop in move direction are checked.
  • Hello
    I have a printer 3d cube 1st generation.
    you know how I can print it using repetier-host?
    I have uploaded firmware 2.08 and joined in with the wifi, but I can't print.
    I appear to me often mistake "communication timeout - reset send buffer block"

    can you help me?
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