Pins for Ramps1.4

I want to add a Fan.

Generally I have problems to understand the link between the fields inside the configurator of Repetier und the Ramps 1.4 board.

1.In Repetier Configurator

Fan Pin: "Heater 2 normally used for extruder 1" -- is this D9 on Ramps1.4?

2. For Z-Probe I have to define a pin in repetier firmware.

Is the "Digital Pin 1" in the configurator the D1 in the AUX-1 block on board?

Or what pin on the Ramps1.4 should I use?

Any help is welcome .. Thanks!


  • RAMPS has no real fan pins, so you use extruder outputs instead. For that reason you can have extruder 1 or fan connected and fan pin is also set to extruder 1 = D9

    Use for z probe what you want. Most have only 3 endstops so you can also use one of the 3 free endstops as z probe with the advantage of having 5v and gnd as well for a sensor. But you can of course use any other pin. The RAMPS layout shows Dx with x = digital number in config tool.
  • Is any solution for two controllable fans?

    To clarify, I use extruder cooler driven from D9. It turns on over 120 Celsius degrees, and turns off below. I like this behavior, because it's easier to heat up a bed. Now I would like add print cooling fan. What's interesting in web configuration tool I can choose from Fan pin and Fan 2 pin. Where is that mysterious Fan 2 pin? Is it software controllable (like D9) or 12V hot all the time?
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