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Is there a fairly up to date list/wiki that describes all G-Code supported and usage for repetier-firmware?

I'm new to building my own delta printer and at the point of calibration and bed leveling. As I see G codes being used in the calibration instructions I try to look them up and understand how they are used for Repetier Firmware, but am not sure where to get up to date details.

For now I'm using the *very* comprehensive RepRap G-Code list at http://reprap.org/wiki/Gcode , but it seems this list is not 100% up to date on all Repetier supported G-Codes. I have not looked to see if it is well documented in the code yet (should have done that first), but will look there in the mean time.

Apologies if this is answered elsewhere on the forum, I could not find it with a search.



  • Repetier firmware has a file Repetier.ino which contains all supported commands.
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    Brilliant! Thanks! Makes it a lot easier to get familiar with supported commands that trying to navigate the RepRap pages.
  • Is Repetier.ino the file which determines supported commands as i have opted to include arc supports (G2/G3) but these do not show in my Repetier.ino file.
  • Thanks for the info. Have added them for next update.
  • AFAIK  there are no slicers yet that support G2 G3
  • Yes, but CAM software likes them as you need them going around a point everytime.
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