Anet V1.0 end stop issue while printing

I have a Anet V1.0 board running repetier firmware per M115. Recently learned I'm not getting my full build volume. At least in the X and Y direction by more than an inch. i can run a G command the full length and physically move it. Only has issues when printing and the motor sticks a second and keep running with the next line. How can i edit the config.h file, if the firmware is wrong? I thought i'd try the arduino IDE route but no communication, not sure if i haven't picked the right board. Searches say I have a melzi clone, possibly. Tried Cura and Repetier Host and the settings are correct, and the g code, but the printer just won't print the full length in the X and Y direction. Any ideas. Thanks


  • Easiest way would be if eeprom was enabled. Then just check in eeprom editor inhost what the x and y length in firmware is. You can also change it there. Cura/Host settings are not relevant if it is a hard coded limit inside firmware.

    Otherwise you need to recompile. If I remember right, Melzi is not supported directly by arduino so you need to add sanguino support to Arduino (i think melzi is sanguino compatible). For more info see wiki to melzi board.
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