Auto bed leveling instructions

I am a newbie at this so please bear with me as I describe what I'm doing and how it's failing for me.

I have a 3d cartesian printer that has X, Y, and Dual Z motors. Resembles a Prusa to some degree. It's my design.

I have three endstops installed. One at the back of my printer bed which is the Y-axis, one on the X-axis on the left and
one on the top of my vertical towers for the Z-axis. They are connected to the Xmin, Ymin, and Zmin connectors on my
RAMPS 1.4 board. I also have an inductive proximity sensor that I have verified is working when I bring it near the bed
(MK3 Aluminum heat bed.) I have this sensor plugged into the Zmax connector.

I have configured the repetier firmware using the configuration application using this hardware setup.

Now, when I home the axis, they either slightly move or when they do move, they crash into the endstops and I have to
quickly power off the unit before any significant damage occurs. I'm using pronterface to do this.

I had the homing working quite well using marlin, but since I ran into  issues with the probe setup I figured I would try
repetier after looking over the configurator.

Can you help me understand best practices in regards to how the switches (optical endstops) should be configured and in addition
the auto bed leveling using the ZMax pin (inductive probe)?

Thanks in advance for any insight you might provide with this issue.


  • Is you z endstop a z max homing? This is required if z probe is not your z min since z min makes no sense otherwise and would crash into bed depending on how it is rotated.

    Use M114 to check if endstops are working correctly. Only if they trigger as they should try homing. Homing stops as soon as endstops trigger. If the endstop wires are near heater/motor wires crosstalk can cause a earlier stop (wires should be twisted to reduce crosstalk).

    So when M114 works and returns right names (min for min and max for max endstop) the endstop configuration is correct and homing should start working.

  • Thanks for the info. I got it working and now homing and auto bed leveling is working as well. 

    I removed zMax endstop and used my zMin as both probe and zMin endstop. All is well!
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