Z Axis Not Moving Correct Amount

Hi there,

 I have built a home made printer and having some problems getting my z axis settings to take, I set up my stepping in configuration.h but no mater what I change that to I get same thing,, I tell the z axis to move 10 mm it only goes 2 mm, I set up my steps to 1600 in config and changed my acceleration and feed rate in my eprom but no matter what number i set my steps to in the config.h file all it moves is 2 mm..

 Can anyone help me out?


  • I have changed my #define ZAXIS_STEPS_PER_MM 1600 up and down but still only 2 mm when i tell z to move 10 mm
  • I guess you have eeprom enabled. So change the value in eeprom editor in host or server to take effect or change EEPROM_MODE.
  • That was the problem,, thank you....

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