Can bed move past Z max with an offset?


I'm drawing up a dual Z max endstops. I'm using slitted optical switches so the bed can move past Z max without hitting anything depending on design.

Using a Z max offset would simplify my design so I could just have fixed position on the switches.

E.g. I have 300mm Z and let the Z max trigger at 295mm. Would I be able to use the last 5mm and still have the printer stop any movement past 300mm?


  • Always when z endstop is checked it will stop where z triggers. If you have it off it might work but the new introduced range check would normally prevent this as it would set z max to 295 since that is your z length (distance bed until trigger). The only thing is if you need to lift extruders that would not count I think.

    So in short - don't count on it. Endstops are designed as END STOP.

  • Ok, tanks. Will be more trial and error on the design then :)
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