Configuration Wizard Question - Delta Printer Geometry

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Hi I have a question
In the configuration wizard for setting up a Delta printer firmware. You have a text box for setting (or adjusting if you supply a configuration.h file) the Diagonal Rod Length (DELTA_DIAGONAL_ROD) , Maximum Horizontal Radius (DELTA_MAX_RADIUS) and Horizontal radius when centered (ROD_RADIUS) but no entry for (PRINTER_RADIUS) and the wizard will set it for the same value as the ROD_RADIUS.   

It works like that but once you add corrections I found that the geometry gets skewed (for example if you offset the X position of EXT0 it has the same effect as changing your end-stops with an originally leveled bed,  one side will now appear high and the other low). If I change the value for PRINTER_RADIUS manually in my configuration.h file to the the measured value, correction now works properly. 

Am I misunderstanding something or was this by design (I would love elaboration) ?

BTW this has all be great fun and I have learned a lot about the inner workings of a Delta printer. I like challenges. I appreciate you taking the time to answer all of my questions. 


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    One note. In the example above no other corrections are entered (all set to zero or default). Bed is leveled and travel confirmed to be flat.  The only change is to the x and y offests for the extruder. 

    #define EXT0_X_OFFSET -500
    #define EXT0_Y_OFFSET -500
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