Repetier FW + Simplify3D + Diamond hotend + FW retraction


I purchased the diamond hotend a while back and been successful to make it work using FW retraction and slic3r. The quality of mesh is sometimes bad, particularly on supports, thus i need to move to simplify3d. But simplify does not support FW retractions. Catch 22 situation.

If I use the mixing extruder option in simplify, all the 3 motors move at the same time, instead of one by one (assuming a single color per extruder situation). 

This weekend I was able to setup the machine as a non-mixing extruder (using 0.92.9 FW and i believe the "sharing extruder" option). And it works fine with simplify. I was able to use the replace post processing to change the retractions to G10/G11 commands. However, seems like the retractions are performed only on one extruder at the time. After a long print looks like it depleated the amount of material on the un-used extruders. Seems like in this configuration I want to run the retractions similar to the way it runs on the mixing version (i noticed all 3 motors retract at the same time, although only 1 2 or 3 are printing). So maybe I need to go back to the mixing configuration.

The question is, how do you use the mixing configuration in simplify? Maybe I can use the non-mixing profile I have working now, and then do a postprocessing to change the tool numbering to the ones I will use on the actual print and print using SD card? would this work? Is there any better workaround to use simplify3d ?

Thanks for your help.



  • Can you provide code examples that simplify creates with different setups? I have no mixing extruder so I'm not that familiar with handling them. The retract all is as far as I remember a special thing for G10/G11 in all other cases the extruders should move according to their weights for active extruder. One solution to have this software side is having a "all extruders" extruder so you switch to that extruder where all weights are the same so all retract/undo retract and then switch back to original extruder. That could simulate the G10/G11 handling.
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