Trajectory Smoothing setting not found in latest firmware

Hello all,

I've just moved to repetier recently. When I printed Jolly 3dBenchy with marlin, i could see letters on the nameplate. That feature is only 0.1mm thick. but later after I used repetier, I couldn't see them anymore. a few lines that should form letters just go straight. 

I've playing with Jerk, acceleration. and printing it in very low speed (10-15mm/s) and middle speed (30-40mm/s), and still can't make the nameplate.

I'm wondering if Trajectory Smoothing has contribution on it, but when I search the setting (MAX_HALFSTEP_INTERVAL) i can't find it anywhere.

would someone enlightened me where that configuration is? and what else configuration I have to change? 

Thank you


  • We removed MAX_HALFSTEP_INTERVAL and as far as I know Marlin also never used this, so that is not the reason.

    Printing 0.1mm features is hard and it is easy to get worse results changing some parameter. In general I'd expect the same output with same jerk/acceleration/speed/extruder steps per mm as in marlin. 
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