Z-probe home position problem

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I have some problem with autoleveling. My hardware configuration is:

  • Z-probe: Capacitive proximity sensor LJC18A3-B-Z/BX (signal is connect via voltage divider to pin 4),
  • Electronics: RAMPS 1.4.
  • Firmware: 1.0.0 devel
  • Endstop: only mechanical on X and Y (no endstop on Z)

Triggering probe works great - if heatbed is detect then Z-probe state changes to H (testing by "G31").
If z-probe not triggered (z-probe is for example 8mm above the heatbed) command "G32 S2" is performed correctly.
But if z-probe is triggered (z-probe is near heatbed) command "G32 S2" or "G30" goes Z axis up (10 mm) and then show error: 

Error:z-probe triggered before starting probing.
Error:Probing had returned errors - autoleveling canceled. 

Is there a way to start autoleveling from home position when probe is triggered?

Thank you for advice :)


  • One idea would be to go up 10mm relative or absolute in the probe activation command (which you can edit), so it would always start with untriggered probe. This is a requirement since we measure the distance until triggering and this would be wrong then. But if you decide to always go to z=10 when activating z probe it should work. Would also help with first homing which also activates z probe and this would rise as well before testing.
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