Delta bed cupped - Need to manually adjust it out.

hi just need more direction

My bed is slight cupped (edges about 1mm higher than the center. )

I used horizontal rod radius and got it perfect in the x plane however in it is not right in y.  is there an equivalent setting for y ?  


  • Im going to review the geometry and see if I can get it consistent,  I realized my z height is not correct. I used the belt calculator  but the resultant is an 11mm block is reading 13mm in Repetier.  I am sure its going to throw off the whole geometry for this delta. I will start there.  

  • That did a lot. I found my bed was NOT cupped. the diagonal rod length was off by .5mm and so was the horizontal rod length.  Now fixed and travel is within .1 mm at all points. 
  • Now I still need to calibrate the Z height. 11 on repetier is about 2mm lower than my gauge.  
  • Resolved.
    I had to adjust the steps per mm.  using the calculator included, I didn't see the number of teeth at the bottom.

    I entered my belt size, 16 tooth pinion and got a number VERY close to what I needed. I had to round it up a bit to get an exact number.  Now 11mm in Retetier in the Z direction is 11mm.

    I had the tweak the horizontal radius when centered and the diagonal rod length (I was off .5mm) . Now when I enter 11mm in Repetier, The Z height measures 11mm at any point on the bed.  Even in the corners (wouldn't you believe it).
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