2 drivers 1 axis

Hi. Does someone know How should I configure the firmware with 2 drivers for x axis and how to ensure that they won't misalign? Or is it better to switch to a more powerful driver to power the motors in parallel from 1 driver? I have found people doing this only for z axis.. Is it even possible for x?


  • Yes it is possible. Just select dual x axis option in config tool. Then a new selector for second driver socket appears where you select what to use.

    Both motors will get the same signals at more or less the same time. There is no way to see/measure a missalignment but the shared belt will prevent any bigger misalignment.

    The solution is identical to stonger single driver where you get exactly the same problems/behaviour.
  • Thank you Mr. Repetier it works. The 2 motors are running each side and are placed diagonally from each other, so one of them is inversed therefore further increasing misalignment risk. But the firmware works perfectly :).
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