Wrong letters on display

Because I had other, more important problems with z-Probing, I ignored this display problem until now.

I use an e3d cyclops on my printer and I think all is configured as it should (mixing extruder). The display shows now in the top left corner one extruder temperature, then the bed temperature and then the amount of filament. What is wrong is the first sign and letter of the bed and filament info.

This is what I see:
▼ 22.5°
x 22.8°
_luss 100%

For me it looks like the sign for the bed temperature is a line to low (the x sign is wrong)
and the first letter of the filament info is showing the sign from bed

And this is as it should be:
▼ 22.5°
_ 22.8°
Fluss 100%

Is this something I should change somewhere in the ui files by my own? Or will repetier people change this?


  • The only case where we use Fluss is like "Fluss: 100%" with colon, the other version doe snot exists. And this is only for graphic displays. What display are you using? Which firmware and version? What board?
    For character displays we have special icons e.g. for temperature and if the display does not understand the definition of new chars it will show the old one.
  • My fault, it's "Fluss: 100%" with colon.

    I use a Viki 2 Graphic LCD with an Azteeg X3 Pro and Repetier 0.92.9
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