Delta Homing trouble after endstop calibration


Just after endstop calibration, by entering G132 S1: The sliders go to the endstops, go down by 20mm (as setup in the firmware for safety reason), and then go up so fast that it's like the stepper motors loose some steps. They only go up for few millimeters upward, but I cannot trust the real coordinates after that. The 92.8 didn't have this kinf of problem... 

Any idea? 



  • In dev version (not changed for a while) it is doing this:
    1. Go up
    2. Store offsets if wanted
    3. Go 5mm down
    4. Home z

    So the values stored are correct in any case. And after a homing without the issue the position is also correct. Not sure why you say 20mm as it should go down 5mm first. Only after homing sequence it will go down the 20mm you said. You could go into commands.cpp and search

    case 132:

    and uncomment the home command at the end. Then it should only leave the 5mm down and it should be easier to spot when exactly the problem occurs. Of course you then need to home manually.

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