Extruding too fast

hi.  I am having trouble with the the new repetier host, V1.6.2.  When I ask it to extrude its seems to run at full speed, my steps are 534 for my extruder so I changed it to 100 (marlin), still extrudes at the same speed.  Lowered the feed rate in repetier host, no change.  When I revert back to repetier host V0.90D the extrude rate is normal.

I am using the new repetier host because I now have 2 extruders and V0.09D does not seem to allow me to view both extruders in the control manual section.


  • Check your log and enable commands to see what you send to printer. Feedrate for manual extrusion is defined in printer settings in mm/s not mm/min. In commands set it is multiplied by 60 for mm/min conversion.
  • thank you, that helped a lot.

    So I wanted to manually extrude at 200mm/m so I divide that by 60, making 3.33 and add that in printer settings.
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