SD card print failure

I have begun having problems printing from an SD card. It used to work prior to latest Repetier Host upgrade. I have been having issues with both 1.6.1 and 1.6.2.
Every time I try to run the job from the SD card I get the following;
18:52:18.160 : N20 M23 test.gco*83
18:52:18.160 : N21 M24*38
18:52:18.180 : open failed, File: test.gc.
18:52:19.530 : N22 M27*38
Any help will be appreciated as i hate tying my laptop up for hours on end when printing parts for my scale MI 24 RC helicopter.


  • Can you start the file from lcd menu?
    Which firmware and version?

    Does it realy return 
    open failed, File: test.gc.
    while file name send was test.gco?
  • Thanks for the reply, It does return the gc. extenstion. That is what was really confusing me.
    I went ahead and installed version 1.6.0 and amazingly it works again.
    I save the .gco file to the hard drive then transfer to my SD card on all occasions.
    My printer doesn't have an LCD screen so I have to start from the computer.
    The result of an M115 command is;

    09:58:30.757 : N42 M115 *48
    09:58:30.786 : N43 M220 S100 *118
    09:58:30.786 : N44 M221 S100 *112
    09:58:30.788 : FIRMWARE_NAME:Marlin V1; Sprinter/grbl mashup for gen6 FIRMWARE_URL: PROTOCOL_VERSION:1.0 MACHINE_TYPE:Mendel EXTRUDER_COUNT:1
    09:58:30.788 : N45 M111 S6 *118
    09:58:30.789 : N46 T0 *40

  • FYI this was my introduction to 3D printing. The DIY printer from Hobby King is what I am using.
    If the newer versions of Repetier Host will not work with this, I am going to put my own controller together. I have the components but until I have finished all my printing, I dont want to take it out of service.
  • Have you tried storing it with .g extension instead. Since it looks like Marlin does not use the filename we send it is no wonder it does not find it. Question is why that happens. Does it always remove last char or is this a special case they do wrong. I'm no Marlin expert to say what goes exactly wrong here, just know there are many marlin versions and releases, so one running version does not mean others work the same.

    I think this is a pure software problem and from the current data I assume it's the firmware side doing it wrong. You could test with pronterface as counter test if host does not do what it says. If pronterface also fails on same filename it is a firmware issue.
  • I have encountered this problem with version 1.6.2 of Repetier Host and have reported on this in the "Bug" section.
    Regarding a test with Pronterface...I have run this test and Pronterface handles the SD card correctly. Earlier versions of Repetier Host will also handle the SD card correctly (I guess that would be versions earlier than 1.6.1). Inasmuch as Repetier Host is my "Go-To" software for running my personal printer (Printrbot Simple Metal from 2014) and a handful of Printrbots at the local libraries, I hope a fix is soon to be found.
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