Power supply and motor driving for RAMPS 3d printer controller


I want to buy a RAMPS 1.4 controller board for my arduino mega.

First, I saw that there are 2 inputs for power. one is for 5 amps and the other is for 11 amps. Now, my 12v @ 15 amps power supply has 2 output ports each giving out 15 amps. how would I attach my power supply to the RAMPS board. will anything bad happen if I attach 12v @ 15a to both the ports of the RAMPS input? If this will work I think it will be a

 good option (if nothing will happen) because I think my load uses more than 5amps. How would I wire this up?

I already have 4 drivers (not pololu ones) for my steppers which control step and direction and power up the motors (not through RAMPS). I want to make use of what I have so is there any way I can use my drivers with the RAMPS board?

Thank you for your time and help. 

Cheers, Mitch.


  • RAMPS has the 5A for heater 1 and 2 and all motors. The 11A is only for the heated bed output. There are 2 fuses for each load. So if you have one 15A connected to both or 2 supplies separately connected makes no difference as long as your PSU can withstand the drawn power.
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