XYZ Da Vinci 1.1+

Hey everybody, please excuse me for being the noob but I have not found a good answer after searching for a bit. I have a da vinci 1.1+ and I am craving the flexibility of the repetier firmware! The 1.1+ does not have an SDcard, it does have a camera and wifi and thats the main things I understand to be different from the 1.0 series.

Does anyone know if it is at all possible to load Rep Firmware onto it? I wouldn't mind losing the wifi and the camera for this excellent trade.

If the answer is no, can anyone help me out by pointing me in a direction of how to use the da vinci 1.1+'s parts and put a new motherboard and such to make it work? Perhaps a little info as to the cost of doing so to determine if its worth it? I've read various things but nothing seems strait forward but if I pull the trigger on a firmware rewrite or a total upgrade, I'll be happy to contribute by making a step-by-step for others.

Thanks in advance!
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