Test with flexable filament

I am trying to get an extruder working with ninjaflex. The extruder is supposed to be designed to work well with flexible filament but I am having big trouble even printing at less than 10mm/sec.

Is there a way do a test extrude (not printing)at various different speeds? The extrude button in rep host is just set to one speed (ok it has fast but its too fast on mine). I would like to be able to extrude at different speeds and find the speed where the filament jams.
I think there is a setting in the firmware but not sure which one, anyway its not easy to keep reloading the firmware.
Another help please - How does the retract setting in the slicer and the firmware retract interact? which has priority.


  • You can change extrusion speed in host->printer settings for slow and fast. But you should know what this is not related to model print speed. During normal print speed is move speed and extrusion speed is computed from that while pure extrusion the speed is that of the filament.

    Firmware retract settings are only used if slicer uses G10/G11 for retraction (which is ultimaker style), in all other cases speeds from slicer are used.
  • Thanks, thats exactly what i needed. If the manufacturer claims it will extrude ninjaflex at xmm/sec and its not then I I know there is a problem without things like layer height etc clouding the issue.
  • It appears I can only extrude ninjaflex at 2mm/sec. (ABS seems ok at 8mm/sec at 255deg). Both on 0.5 nozzle.
    I guess I can use the new slicer volumemetric rate to make sure it dosent try to push out faster than this?
    So 1.75 filament at 2mm/ sec is about 4.8^3/sec right?

  • Yes, that is 4.8mm^3/s so with 0.6mm extrusion width and layer height 0.2 your max. speed would be 40mm/s.
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