How do you compensate for Concave / Convex like Marlin FW?

Calibrating my G2S Pro is driving me insane.  I really want to use Repetier, but I'll give it one last go before I go back to Marlin :(

I can get my hotend calibrated quite well, however I find that when my centre is perfect, the edges are raised by about 1-2mm
When I get the edges perfect, the centre is then too low and crashes into the bed.
I've tried adjusting the Z Height and the problem just moves around.

In Marlin, I could adjust the DELTA_RADIUS to compensate for this, however I can't seem to find the right value to adjust for this in Repetier.

Does PRINTER_RADIUS do this?
Or is it ROD_RADIUS?

I've seen so many conflicting views on what does what.

My printer is a G2S Pro from Geeetech.   Thanks in advance.


  • The answer is ROD_RADIUS.   Managed to find out from a Thingiverse user.

    Lower the value to lower the edges.  Raise the value to raise the edges.

    What this let me do was get my centre correct, then fine tune the edges to match.  Now I know it's level. (In the printers brains!)

    Finally printing with Repetier firmware, and it's awesome.  I can get 0.1mm prints.  A resolution I've had no success with on Marlin.

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