Strange moves on Z axis dual motors

Hello, I have problem with my printer. I have two motors on Z axis. I tried parallel conection and even mirrored connection to another driver, but i got same results. When I moving with Z axis with LCD controller, on of my Z motor moving wrong way sometime. Moving Z up for 10mm and my left motor go up all 10mm but right motor e.g. 3mm than go 1mm down, than few mm up, than down... anyone know, that I am doing wrong?


  • check your wiring? On my RAMPS board there is 2 sets of pins for Z steppers off the same driver. One was slightly loose once and caused weird stuff
  • If only one coil of the stepper gets a current strange things happen. Especially with 2 on one driver the same must happen or it is a connection/wiring problem.
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