Positioning: Do you want to home Z Axis: Real known value is unknown [YES] [NOJ]

This has got annoying previously, I don't think I ever had this issue before. When I position Z Axis Davinci 1.0 to 100 mm on the LCD - I get a quesiton: "Do you want to home on Z Axis; Real Known value is unknown. [YES] [NO]" I select Yes just it stops asking me this question. Inside the EEPROM inside Repetier Host I have the Z Home as -4.00mm just so I don't have the print in mid air. I've been having that issue apparently yesterday; it works when it wants to and it doesn't apparently. But I'll save that problem for another post. 

For this post - how can I get this message to stop appearing?


  • Can't imagine that we have this question in our firmware. Are you using our firmware or the fork from luc optimized for DaVinci? In that case, please ask there.
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